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WWD: Erin and Sara Foster Launch Clothing Brand, Favorite Daughter

WWD: Erin and Sara Foster Launch Clothing Brand, Favorite Daughter

The collection drops direct-to-consumer later today.

Off the heels of their fashion collaboration with Joe’s Jeans this year, sisters Erin and Sara Foster are releasing a line of their own: Favorite Daughter.

“Our hero product is our masked hoodie outfit,” said Erin over the phone. “That’s just really clearly a product of the situation that we’re all living in.”

The development of the brand began pre-pandemic, though revisions were made to reflect the times this year, including the addition of a matching sweatsuit that features a hoodie with a detachable face covering.

“It has become the thing that everyone is asking about,” Erin continued. “It feels really unique to people.”

Working with design director Carla Calvelo alongside their younger sibling, stylist Jordan Foster, Favorite Daughter is a partnership with Centric Brands.

“Our original conversation with Erin and Sara over a year ago was to create a collaboration with Joe’s,” said Suzy Biszantz, division president of Centric Brands. “In our initial meeting, we quickly realized this was not just a one-time opportunity, it was an opportunity to build a true brand that can eventually scale across categories.”

“Erin and I are not big spenders,” said Sara, describing the concept behind the brand. “Occasionally, we will make that once a year, once every two years purchase where we buy a nice coat,” she went on. “But it’s taken us a long time to get there. We are really comfortable shopping at Zara and places like that. We really wanted to create something for the girl that’s kind of tired of shopping at Zara. Love Zara, but after three wears, you know, the material sort of changes.”

“Also, wouldn’t you say, Sara — Sara and I operate in this very fashionable group of friends,” Erin added. “A lot of our friends work in fashion, and they’re willing to spend $2,500 on a coat without blinking.”

“$2,500?” chimed in Sara. “They spend $3,500. I mean, we’re living in a world where women are living above their means in fashion. They will spend a crazy amount of money on a designer outfit but not be totally sure how they’re going to pay rent that month.”

They are not “fashion girls,” Sara said of herself and her sister.

“We don’t want to spend $10,000 on an outfit,” added Erin. “We’ve always wanted to spend less but still be able to look nice and wear something cute that a girlfriend will ask where we bought it. And so a big inspiration behind the line is affordable things that are also really good quality. We’re never putting our name on something and letting it get pushed out and then having a high return rate because the quality sucks. We’ve said from the beginning of this, we’re willing to take a smaller margin for ourselves if the price point can be more affordable and the quality be really high.”

The collection, which includes high-waisted denim jeans, vegan leather pants and cashmere sweaters, is manufactured in Los Angeles, Mexico, China and India and priced between $98 and $398. The masked hoodie retails at $175, while the joggers cost $148. The items launch direct-to-consumer later today and will also be available at Nordstrom this month.

“Even pre-COVID-19, the apparel business was quickly changing, though this year has really accelerated things,” said Biszantz. “We see Favorite Daughter as a way for us to partner with Erin and Sara and leverage our West Coast infrastructure to create a new digital-first business model.”

Known for their candor and quick wit, the sisters are the daughters of music producer David Foster and stars of VH1’s reality TV parody “Barely Famous.” With Favorite Daughter, they hope to offer shoppers a high-quality alternative to fast fashion while taking inspiration from their own closets.

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